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Steam & Sauna Paradise - Steam & Sauna bath products manufacturer, New Delhi, India
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For those who prefer "dry heat" over "wet steam", SSP's product line includes a quality line of sauna heaters, African Fine PINEWOOD sauna rooms and accessories.

Sauna heater is synonymous to sauna stove. Heaters are like heart to the whole sauna system. It is the most important part of sauna and so we ensure to provide good quality heaters that keep your sauna system running for a longer period of time without any complaints. Sauna heaters are available in a variety of ranges like gas sauna heaters, electric heaters and wood burning heaters. Our saunas are equipped with the best heaters that give you the best quality and a longer life as compared to other heaters and that too at the most economical rate.

Gas Sauna Heaters
Since gas heaters have to deal with moisture, most of these heaters are made of high quality stainless steel. This is done to prevent rust formation or corrosion which can be formed due to its exposure to moisture. The design of the heaters facilitates the maximum amount of water on the device so that higher amount of steam is generated. The combustion chamber, made of stainless steel, is sealed so that the water does not come in direct contact with the burners. They are specially designed to resist high temperatures and prolonged heat conditions.

Electric heaters
Here, the steam Generators consist of an acid proof steel tank and thermo fuse protected heating elements. They are also provided with safety pressure release valve and dry run protection with electronic low water cut out as part of safety measures in case of an accident. This avoids the possibility of an accident to a greater extent. Apart from these regular features, electronic and digital remote switch and water feed hose are available.

An introduction on BodyCharge Mantra Sauna Heaters:

BodyCharge Mantrap Sauna Heaters have technically world-class advanced features that are not given by most of our competitors.

Microprocessor based Technology The circuit is based on this marvel of technology with Digital Display
Power Saving Mode Enables one to save the electricity bills. For example BCMS8 may operate on 4 KW / 8 KW.
Auto Shut-Off The machine automatically shuts off after maximum three hours of run.
Duration Set It shuts down the machine after the set duration.
Time/Temp. Display Option The feature gives one to see the time or temp inside the sauna room as per one's own desire.
Light on/off One may switch on/off the lights of sauna room with the switch provided on the digital display panel.
Temp. of Sauna Room It may be set as per your own level of comfort.
The Internal Wiring in the Sauna Room It is done with Teflon coated wire that can tolerate the high temp & is fire safe

To inquire about our sauna heaters , please call us at +91-9810210444 or contact us here. One of our friendly and experienced sauna bath product consultant will be glad to assist you.

Sauna heaters
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