Our steam units have the unique world-class features like Steam Direction Control, (for controlling the direction of steam) Aroma Head (useful to have the aroma of ones choice thus giving one the immense pleasure of AROMATHERAPY as mentioned in Ayurveda) & one may later on have a compatible Herbal Unit from us at additional cost to enjoy the soothing HERBAL STEAM. Medicated steam as mentioned in Ayurveda/ Panchkarma means either the herbal steam or the aroma steam.

Steam Generators

Our world-class steam bath equipments is miles ahead to the existing ones available in market. Our steam generators is developed on Microprocessor-based Technology and incorporates advance features like Auto Shut-off & Power Saving Mode.


  • Microprocessor based technology: latest in the world: the circuit is based on this marvel of technology with Digital Display.
  • Steam direction controller: it enables to change the direction of steam to suit your own comfort while sitting in the steam room.
  • Aroma head: a unique feature that gives you the pleasure of choosing your own aroma.
  • Chorded remote control with digital display of steam room temp: the unit may be fixed in the steam room or outside the steam room as per your desire.
  • Temp. Of steam room: it may be fixed as per your own level of comfort.
  • 100% safety: the unit is pressure barred. The steam is never blocked. An additional safety valve is incorporated to make it cent percent safe.
  • Power saving mode: enables one to save on the fat electricity bills. One may operate the machine at power as per one’s need i.e. BCM 600 may be operated on 2 KW or 4 KW or 6 KW.
  • One-hour auto shut off: the feature has been found extremely useful in the circumstances one forgets to switch off the steam. The machine is automatically shut off after an hour of operation.
  • Instant steam: the steam room is ready for use within less than 5 minutes after putting it on depending on ambiance temp.
  • Herbal steam: at an additional cost one may have the curing pleasure of herbal steam if your doctor suggests you.
  • Outer Body: Built with high-grade M.S. 18 powder coated
  • Water tank: made of high grade Stainless Steel 16
  • Incoloy heating element: for a longer- life & least scaling due to hard water.
  • Auto solenoid valve: It maintains the water level. If any time water supply is interrupted due to any reason, the machine gets off automatically thus giving 100 % protection to machine. No damage is caused to the machine under such an eventuality.
  • XV.

  • The internal wiring in the machine: it is done with Teflon coated wire that can tolerate the high temp & is fire safe

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