Chilled water pressure bath rejuvenates the body after a hot sauna or steam bath. The water temperature maintained is 5 Dig C. to 10 Dig C. Hot Sauna or Steam open the pores of the skin and Pleasure Shower cleans the skin & contracts the pores back to normal leaving behind a soft smooth, clean skin and a refreshing feeling. Research indicates that chilled water bath provides muscle simulation and also enhances mental ability reducing stress level.

Body Charge Mantra Chiller Unit

Machine: Chilling plant of ordered Ltrs storage capacity Inner made of S. S. 304-sheet & outer made M.S. powder coated/ S.S. with puff insulation. The condensing unit fitted with to maintain temp. + 5 to 10 degrees C +/- 2 degree C with a digital control.
Compressor Sealed type Kirloskar Copland make having suitable capacity using R 22 refrigerant gas with contactor relay & preventer all fitted in an electrical panel with on/off switch.
Condenser: Air-cooled type made up of all fins and finned copper tubes with fan & motor G E make.
Cooling Coil: Copper cooling coil soldered to the outer surface of inner tank.
Chilled Water Pump: Chilled water circulating pump: Champion / Sharp make ½ HP. & pressure switch.
Controls: Digital temp. Controller/indicator
Electrical instruments: Contactor: (L & T) make relay, capacitor with wiring work in unit.

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